Welcome to Club MomMe. The place where Moms-To-Be become MomMe, and the place where new moms to become MomMe together.

Club MomMe is a community of moms and moms-to-be for social, educational and athletic events, classes and parties.

Are you newly expecting?  Overwhelmed by everything in store for you over the next nine (ten) months?  Worried about how to find the right things, the time to research every stroller on the market, while also managing to workout, eat well and look good?  Club MomMe is for you.

And the best part, you will meet new mommes-to-be along the way, making the experience that much more enjoyable and helping you transition to becoming a momme together!

Are you a new mom, overwhelmed by all of the responsibility and sheer things to remember to do everyday, like feeding yourself?  Do you want to get out of the house, but you are in fear of all the things you have to pack just to get out the door?  Are you dying to find new momme friends experiencing the same thing as you to share stories, tears and new tricks?  Do you need to motivate yourself to start getting out of the house and doing things?  Club MomMe is for you.