Club MomMe's Birth Story

Rachel and Lane met while volunteering with Junior League of Chicago.  Their friendship really blossomed when they served on the same committee, and about half of the members became pregnant and were expecting within a few months of each other.  Throughout their pregnancies, Rachel and Lane formed a tight bond working out, shopping and planning for their babies, and sending long emails comparing pampers versus huggies and other pertinent mommy-to-be debates.  They attended a number of baby preparatory seminars, workouts, expectant mom's nights out (including some special nights in our third trimesters at all you can eat Churrascerias in the city) and bonding over trips to the burbs to stock up on baby gear. 
Lane delivered her son four days before Rachel, and the idea for Club MomMe was born: a club to help women experience the transition from me to momme together, in a supportive, educational, fun and social atmosphere designed to build a community of expectant and new(er) moms.  Welcome to the Club!


About Rachel Pitzel

A Los Angeles native, Rachel spent the last three years living with her husband in Chicago where she found an appreciation for city-living, walking everywhere, and even survived a few winters.  Rachel fell in love with the friendliness and community feeling that is so pervasive in Chicago, and she hopes to build a similar communal feeling between moms and moms-to-be in Los Angeles.  A reformed attorney, Rachel loves cooking, researching the latest baby products, pilates, yoga and the beach.  In her spare time Rachel loves to travel with her husband and spend time volunteering with Junior League of Los Angeles.

About Lane Gulotta

A New Orleans native, and a self-proclaimed organization and cookbook junkie, Lane lives in Chicago with her husband, Joe, and son, Harrison. Although she's lost her southern drawl, she is still a southern girl at heart and aches for the day to be closer to sweet tea and king cake! Her favorite MomMe outings with the family include walks through the neighborhood and trips to the zoo. On the rare occasion she has free time, she loves to spend it volunteering with the Junior League of Chicago or with a bottle of red wine and a great movie or book.