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A Healthy Start With EcoStore USA 

As any parent does, I wonder how exposing my little one to toxins will impact his health in the future? On the other hand, rewind 20-ish years and think about how those toxins impacted you.  I did and it’s astonishing. According to Robin Dodson, ScD, research scientist at Silent Spring the two leading problems caused by common household chemicals are breathing problems and reproductive abnormalities (backtrack to “The ‘F’ Word Series”. If you haven’t read it yet, spoiler alert: I have fertility issues).

These are two valid reasons to examine what’s in everyday household products you are using around your family (if only my parents knew about this). Many companies do not disclose all ingredients on their labels or you need an advanced degree in Chemistry to understand the scientific name of the ingredients listed.  

After researching the  “free and clear” companies. I found that “free and clear” was not free of all toxins or carcinogens. It is only “free and clear” of dyes and artificial perfumes. My new theory is if I can’t understand all of the ingredients on the label, I am not purchasing the product. Thankfully, EcoStore USA is my new saving grace. They were founded in New Zealand and migrated to the United States to rescue MomMes like me by manufacturing plant based household products that are effective and extremely safe for your family.

On average I do one load of laundry per day and I went through one large container of “free and clear” laundry detergent per month.  When I decided to switch to EcoStore USA’s laundry detergent I was immediately shocked by the miniature size of the bottle and thought “wait a minute, this bottle is supposed to do 50 loads of laundry?” It did! Our laundry smelled fresh and natural and did not have an artificial scent to it. The biggest plus was that it even removed the blueberry and spaghetti stains from H-Man’s clothing. That’s impressive for a plant-based product (with adorable vintage packaging).

I am very brand loyal, but once the laundry detergent impressed me I decided to test out the dish liquid, hand soap and all-purpose cleaner. If you wash as many bottles as I do (who am I kidding, all MomMes do), your nails and hands are a disaster. EcoStore USA’s dish liquid and hand soap (in Orange & Patchouli) are a must have! The quality is outstanding and the products leave my hands soft. The hand soap is gentle enough for H-Man to use (good hygienic habits start early) and I might have caught my husband commenting on how much he liked the dish liquid too!

The all-purpose cleaner holds up to the same standards as the laundry detergent, dish liquid and hand soap. It has a natural fragrance, is safe to use around H-Man (even on his toys and in his nursery) and removes dried Cheerios off a high chair better than anti-bacterial wipes!

Rachel mentioned EcoStore USA’s partnership with “Healthy Child, Healthy World” in her blog post about EcoStore USA’s products. This is another validation as to why all MomMes should do their research and use safe, toxin-free products around their family. I struggled to go from Me to Mom-to-be to MomMe and making simple and healthy choices for my family is the easiest thing I can do to give them the best start in life.

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