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Smart, Savvy & Successful Moms + Education Resources + Giving Back = A Perfect MomMe’s Night Out!

When I was invited to a mommy blogger diner party at Christina Simon’s beautiful home in the hills that make up Beverly Hills, I was not sure what to expect.  Would we all be sitting in her living room, blogging with one hand and participating in a twitter party with our other?  Okay, mommy blogger jokes aside, all I knew about Christina was that she is a smart, socially-connected, writer extraordinaire with a mastery of the private school admission process here in Los Angeles.  To say I was intimidated was an understatement.

Walking into Christina’s museum-quality home, I was greeted by her precocious son who asked me a few questions and then invited me to fill out a nametag.  This sweet welcoming allowed me to be able to relax a little, round my shoulders a bit and stop standing up so straight.  As I walked up the stairs, Christina greeted me right away and was so warm and engaging, I felt like we had been friends for years.  She likes the concept of Club MomMe!  She wishes she had a community like the one we are building when she was a new mom!  Christina took me under her wing and started introducing me around the room.

As a young female entrepreneur, I find it profoundly beneficial to meet other women who have started their own businesses, carved out their own niches and successfully walk the road less traveled.  Instead of an evening focused on “Education Resources LA Moms Can Use,” this could have been called a night dedicated to meeting fabulous women (and a few men) and the amazing businesses they have created to make life for moms a little easier.  I guess the original title has a better ring to it though.

The evening was co-hosted by Beyond the Brochure, the guide to the private school admission process in Los Angeles.  Christina, the product of the public education system including a master’s degree from UCLA, felt overwhelmed, confused and intimidated when was thrown into the private school admission process.  While not quite as daunting as the admission process in New York City, the private school admission process in Los Angeles ranks a very close second.  This book was co-authored by Anne Simon and Porcha Dodson

Launch Education, a co-host of the event discussed their holistic approach to tutoring students for the major stressful tests of childhood like the SAT’s and the Independent School Entrance Exam.  Although my son is only eight months old, I have already signed him up for future tutoring with these amazing gentlemen in the future. 

The Kelter Center, located in West Los Angeles, made an extremely poignant presentation discussing how one-third of children learn easily, almost by themselves with little effort, one-third require a lot of effort and repetition but can learn most concepts, and the last third learn very differently than children are typically taught in American classrooms.  The Kelter Center focuses on helping these children learn and thrive in their educational goals.

Project Knapsack spoke about their non-profit’s mission to supply children in Africa with supplies like backpacks, pens and erasers for schools.  Partnering with Staples, the Project is funded by the contributions of local schools and schoolchildren (and their parents of course!) who often pair up with a classroom in Africa, writing letters and sending supplies.

Robinne Lee, an actress who just happens to be gorgeous, extremely intelligent, and excels at passing difficult tests like the bar exam just to make her parents proud, spoke about some of her upcoming projects (and there are a lot!).

I was introduced to one of the Sarah’s from Salt & Nectar, and I promptly went all teenage girl crush on her, telling her how much I love her site, her concept, her graphics, and lets just leave it there.  I may know where she went to college, law school, when she moved to LA  (but hey, she is a mommy blogger and shares her life with her readers!  I am not a google-stalker, just a well-read fan of her site…).

Club MomMe will be spotlighting these and other amazing mom-based businesses in the following weeks, as well as in our resources section of our website and in our newsletter under MomMe’s We Love!  And luckily for Los Angeles mommies, there are a lot of amazing sites, blogs and businesses tailored specifically for you.

Reader Comments (3)

Rachel, thank you for writing about our event! It was so great meeting you! If only Club Mom Me had been here in LA when I had my daughter. I love the work you're doing to connect moms in fun, meaningful ways. LA is a big city and it's so hard to connect as a new mom. I look forward to working with you!

March 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterChristina Simon

Perfect description of The Kelter Center! Thanks for helping to spread the word that not all children learn the same way and there are services to help those that struggle in the classroom!

March 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBarry Perlstein


This was a beautiful write-up! And indeed, I had the same response: how amazing to be surrounded by all these incredible, enterprising women! Just a phenomenal evening, all around!


March 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRobinne

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