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Joovy Nook Highchair Review

My son is now eight months old and it is now time to purchase a real highchair.  Until now we have been using a Mamas and Papas Snug High Chair which has worked really well for us.  But he is ready to start feeding himself some food and sit with us at the table when we eat.

The Joovy Nook highchair somehow manages to check off every single item on my very particular and demanding highchair wish list.  And you thought babies were demanding, just wait until you see this list!

Club MomMe recommends The Joovy Nook Highchair to all moms, and rates it an amazing 5 out of 5 on the Club MomMe Product Rating Scale for the following reasons listed after my highchair wish list criteria:

Small usable floor space

  • The Joovy has a pretty small floorspace for a highchair, with only two long, thin bars on the floor.
  • The BEST part of the highchair is that it folds up in less than ten seconds with one hand, resembling a folded law chair in size.  This makes this chair a must-buy for any parents, grandparents, etc. dealing with a tight space!

Aesthetically pleasing (no wood, no bulky design, and nothing too modern.  This is a high chair, not equipment designed for outer space)

  • The chair has a slim, slick and simplistic design.  The chair has with a rounded top with white or black trim and attaches to V-shaped legs in a cool looking round nub.  The Nook comes in four colors, two basic colors (white & black) and two fun colors that pop but not in an obnoxious way (lime green and orangy orange) with white or black accents (for the black fabric only).
  • The chair is not overly baby or too modern and completely un-baby. Easy to clean up
  • The seating comes in leatherette and fabric, and both are machines washable and very easy to remove.
  • The entire tray is machine washable and is easy to remove.  The tray has a plastic covering that can easily be removed to wipe down more thoroughly in the sink or throw in the dishwasher. Something my son will feel comfortable sitting in for at least half an hour
  • The fabric is thick and the tray is not too close to his body.  The bar between the legs is unobtrusive, and there is a foot bar for older kids.
  • The high chair is at a really nice height that allows the baby to feel like part of the family during mealtimes.

Easy to move

  • The chair supposedly weighs 15 pounds, but because of the thoughtful design of the chair, it feels very light.  Even better, when folded the chair is easily transported by the handle on the chair.

Not an hindrance to walk by (see baby bouncer, which stubbed my husband and mom’s toes so many times they started walking in wide circles around it just in case)

  • The floor bars are thick without any parts that stick out and can cause stubbed toes or hurt a baby who loves to explore.

Does not damage the floor

  • Each end of the floor bars has a thoughtful plastic bracket on the end to avoid stubbed toes and save your floors from scratches and marks.

Extremely stable (does not tip easily)

  • The wide V-shape of the legs provides tremendous stability.


  • The Nook comes with a five-point harness system that is easily adjustable.

Easy to get the baby in and out

  • The tray slides in and out, making it very easy to get the baby in and out of the highchair.

To sum up the Joovy Nook, this highchair is extremely functional, easy to use and clean, provides an excellent value for the price, and is even well-named, as it can literally fit into a small nook of your home when not in use.  Club MomMe gives the Joovy Nook highchair a 5 out of 5!

* I received this product to review from Joovy for no charge.  I was not paid for my review, and all reviews solely reflect the honest opinions of Club Momme.  The Nook photo is from Amazon and the Nook links to an Amazon Affiliate.

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