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Diaper Bag Week

This week is Diaper Bag Week at Club MomMe!  For one week, we will be focusing on those bags that adorn our arms and strollers, keeping our diapers in order and our sanity intact. 

So why do you need a designer diaper bag?

An integral part of joining a club of MomMes is being privy to the inside advice that us Founding MomMes love to share with our mom-to-be friends.  While the selection of a diaper bag may at first seem trivial and solely materialistic in nature, let me assure you that it is not.  It is the decision that can ensure whether you life as a mom is neat and organized, or one that can turn your baby world upside down.

While I was pregnant, I made a foolish decision that I did not need a high-end diaper bag.  Everyone who knows me is know picking their jaws off the floor, because come on, why would I not want to start mommyhood with a beautiful, statement diaper bag?

The answer is that I did not want to fall into the mommy trap of spending money on things that are foolish and I would get little use out of, like registering for a baby swing or a designer bag.  My good friends nodded their heads but I am sure they were thinking, “Wow, this pregnancy is really messing with her head!”

Despite my love for beautiful and functional purses, I figured that was sufficient as I transitioned into being a mommy.  Why spend a lot on a bag that is just going to get dirty and beaten up?  Plus, I got into the habit of spending my normal shopping allowance on the baby.  Since I could not wear the new dresses of the season with drop waists (I still sigh at the cute clothes I could not wear last year), and I was warned not to buy new shoes while pregnant since your feet can grow, I decided to allocate all of my spending on the baby.  Okay most of it.

Oh, pre-baby me.  In hindsight, I was so naïve.  Diapers bags are the most important things that a mom can invest in besides a good stroller and baby carrier.  If you survey any group of 100 new moms and ask them what item caused them the most frustration that day, I can virtually guarantee you it will be some combination of a missing phone, wallet, and/or keys. 

Yes, babies spit up and pee right when you are trying to leave the house, and that’s understandable.  But losing your phone again, for the tenth time that day?  One mom told me, I am surprised my husband allows me out of the house with the baby given how many times I lose my phone.  While we can take amazing care of our little ones, our lives are now on the back burner. 

Enter the diaper bag with tons of compartments and spaces for all of the must-haves for modern mommies today.  Now you can have a place for your keys, wallet, chapstick, hair clips, hand sanitizer and lotion (because that sanitizer really is drying) and yeah, some diapers too.  And maybe also wipes and Aden and Anais blankets.   They all have a spot in my bag.  My keys sit in one pocket on the outside of my purse all safe and secure, and my phone is in an easy to reach pocket on the other side of my purse.  Next to the other must-have item in my life, my son’s binky.

Welcome to Diaper Bag week!

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