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Clean Bee Baby - The Place to Go in LA for a Stroller and Car Seat Cleaning!

Remember when you were pregnant and you spent hours researching stroller features, debating for hours with your spouse about which brand to buy and which color was your favorite?  Gosh, we had a lot more time before our little ones got here!

But seriously, finally getting your hands on your stroller and car seat for your upcoming arrival was so exciting!  You opened that huge package with a shiny new stroller or car seat, and that was the last time it looked that nice.  Once the baby arrives, a stain or two soon pops up, and pretty soon that sparkling stroller or car seat you spent so much on is a different color than you picked out. 

Soon you will be wishing that you picked out a darker color fabric to camouflage stains (seriously how is coffee so attracted to stroller traffic?!) and pondering how to remove the milk/teething biscuit/food and other stains that decorate your stroller and car seats.

Enter Clean Bee Baby to return your car seat and stroller back to its original glory.  Clean Bee Baby is the car seat and stroller-cleaning expert, and they can tackle virtually any stain, from milk and the hard-to-remove formula, food, juice, dirt, dust, teething biscuit, and yes even coffee.  Clean Bee Baby can even clean the toughest stains like throw up and blood.  The products they use are safe, non-toxic and in no way impede the safety of the fabric on your car seat or stroller. 

Clean Bee Baby uses a four-step cleaning process: 1) Clean and remove any crumbs or ground in cereal using a high-powered vaccuum 2) Sanitize using a low vapor steamer 3) Detail all of those nooks and crannies, polish your wheels, make your stroller looking brand-spanking new and 4) safely re-assemble and re-install your car seat.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Not only does Clean Bee Baby clean your car seat, they are also certified car seat technicians, and will install your seat back into your car so you don’t have to worry about installing it properly. 

All of this in less than 30 minutes.  Clean Bee Baby has traveling vans that set up shop at various locations around Los Angeles in stores like the Pump Station and Right Start, play-places like Kidville, shopping centers like Westfield Century City, and yes even some Club MomMe Event. 

Don’t feel like traveling to get your car seat or stroller cleaned?  Clean Bee Baby can come to you!  They can either clean your items at your house or you can invite the Clean Bee Baby van to your mommy and me class, favorite park play-date or other group and do several car seats and/or strollers at once.  Looking for the perfect present for your guests at a birthday party?  Invite Clean Bee Baby to clean your friend’s strollers.  You will not only have a packed house, but you will be praised for months from other moms, or at least until it is time for the next cleaning!

 Having another baby?  Clean your car seat and stroller before your little bundle of joy arrives.  Every newborn deserves a clean and sanitized car seat and stroller.  Gifting or selling your car seat or stroller?  Get it cleaned first!

Clean Bee Baby uses safe, non-toxic products like DP (de-pee)® Stain & Odor Remover.  DP is a revolutionary NEW product designed to remove stains and odors from items not easily laundered. It is environmentally friendly, safe for use around children and pets, and contains NO Chlorine, NO Bleach, NO Ammonia, NO Alcohol, and NO Dyes. It de-activates, de-composes, and de-stroys even the toughest stains and odors using the power of nature’s enzymes.

The DP Stain & Odor Remover is so good, one spray plus a few hours is often all you need to remove baby and toddler stains without any scrubbing, washing or any work on your part whatsoever.  Simply spray and walk away.  When you have time throw the

item in the wash, and you don’t have to worry about that brand new outfit being ruined the first time your baby put it on! 

As I was going through my wardrobe one afternoon to purge my closet of clothes that are no longer “mom appropriate,” I found and adorable white dress that my sister had always loved.  I decided it was time to give her this dress when I found a stain in the fabric.  This stain was months old, as I had not worn this dress in a long time (again, not mom appropriate!).

I sprayed DP Stain & Odor Remover on the dress to test it out, and when I looked at the dress a few hours later, the stain was GONE.  Poof, it just disappeared.  And just like that, this spray became my new go-to stain remover for everything around the house.

Check out Clean Bee Baby’s latest schedule here.

Last but not least, ALL Club MomMe VIP Members get 10% off any Clean Bee Baby Service to use as often as they like!  Sign up for Club MomMe VIP today!

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