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Confession: I Am A Lazy Blogger. Part One of My Blog Consultation with Jessica Gottlieb on Skilloop

I have always been a lazy blogger.  Growing up, I loved to read and write, and the idea of blogging just seems so natural for a person like me whose mind is constantly bubbling over in thoughts, ideas, epiphenies and tangents.  I think in a non-linear order with stops at funny, enthusiastic and witty along the way to a well-thought out idea. 

Blogging is the perfect format to feature this sort of writing that takes the reader on an adventure but gets to a point that really makes a statement. The problem is that I am lazy.  I get all geeked up on the idea, I fixate for weeks on the name of my blog, I set it up, get frustrated, frustrating and then post!  I post everywhere I go, walking around city blocks, dipping into a Starbucks to send a post. 

Writing on the L about My Urbanista Affair, on my first and only bus in Chicago (my great bus adventure).  I post and post, and then write and write and don’t post.  Pretty soon I have so much that I have not done that I never want to go back to my daunting task lisk.

So I transform my voice to a new topic.  Now I am a healthy gourmet-ish food blogger!  With the name my sister wittingly put together with her eighth-grade French, Sur Ma Table.

Loved this one.  But I don’t really follow recipes or do the same exact thing twice.  I took picture after picture to save up for posts, but then for the post I have to figure out the exact person amount of garlic, pepper, etc and I get bored.  Bored to tears.  Can’t these readers figure out how much pepper should taste good with these ingredients?  Really?!

My husband told me for years that I should be a mommy blogger.  As a Digital Executive Producer and Director of Operations, he knows a thing or two about digital advertising, social media and yes, mommy blogging.  The problem…I was not yet a mommy!! In fact, I freaked out when my first really good friend had her baby but then came around (she was only 26 - very young to be a mom by Southern California standards!).

I should have blogged through wedding planning, where I discovered my pure love of planning.  The details.  The big idea.  Putting an idea into movement and seeing the final result.  The foundation for my future Club MomMe blog was planted, and was helped along by a pregnancy surprise from our honeymoon! 

Now I can transition right from wedding planning to baby planning.  I am entering the mommy world right after entering the wedding/married world, a totally foreign place that we want to help other moms and moms-to-be navigate. 

As one of the Founders of Club MomMe, we blog on our site, but as a lazy blogger, I guess you could say getting some blogging help would not be a bad idea.  The solution is skilloop.com, where you can set up a one-on-one training/coaching session to learn any skill you might have your heart set on, including mommy blogging by one of the best known mommy bloggers in the business! 

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