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Skilloop and My Blog Consultation with Jessica Gottlieb

As I wrote the other day, I wanted a consultation on our blog for Club MomMe.

Skilloop reached out to me several weeks ago and offered me a free lesson of my choice on their site.  I am a jack-of-all-trades and master of none (accept I mastered reforming my attorney pedigree)!  Why not learn how to finally sow a button on a top, knit when I am stressful, or better yet, learn a skill that could assist me in business?  There were so many great offerings, I had to really hone myself in.  So when I was about to set up an appointment for Adobe Illustrator and I saw a post in my mommy blogger’s group that Jessica Gottlieb is offering blog consultations on Skilloop, I pulled right to the side of the road (did that really happen?) and emailed Kate at Skilloop asking if this was a possiblility.

And it was!!  I, as a lazy blogger with a business less than a year old, was going to have a one hour conversation with the blogger of all mommy blogger, Jessica Gottlieb!! 

I had no idea what to expect, I mean, Jessica has a post about her in wikipedia. In the world of mommy blogging, Jessica has has serious credibility.  I knew of Jessica, but I did not know her.  In a few short hours I will though!

Based on what I knew about Jessica as one of the icons in the mommy blogging world, and as a newer mommy blogger myself,  I was a bit intimidated.  How would she respond to me? 

She was approachable, easy to converse with, a straight-shooter but not in your face or harsh.  She is one of those people who gets your mind racing with thoughts and potential ideas when she just says a few words.  I took over two pages of notes during our talk.

By talk I mean hangout.  Kate and I did our first hangout with Jessica Gottlieb!!  Best, you can incorporate screen view, google docs (please don’t go away) and conference call but get the feel of meeting in person. 

Jessica gave me so much food for thought, I may regret not recording the conversation and playing it for my partner who missed the call (and myself again!).

Starting off the session, Jessica dug right in.  She likes our site!  Woot, woot and big sigh of relief.  Even better coming from a mommy blogger, she likes our blog.  And now for where we can improve, because if we aren’t constantly striving to be better, why try at all?

  1. Scheduling blogs.  We need to be on a blogging schedule so our audience knows when to expect a new one.  We also need to have more guest blogging to take the burden off of us and to provide more voices for our community. 
  2. Guest Blogging.  We need to guest blog.  This helps with search engine optimization and helps us reach a new community.
  3. Link back to old posts.  This keeps people on our site and really engages our readers.
  4. Structuring Days.  We need to structure time to work.  Often you can get more done in less time if you are focused.  One big thing for me is I often get distracted and try to do too much at one time.  Focus on getting a few things done a day to feel productive and then take time with my baby.
  5. Focus on the baby.  You have a finite time when they are a baby, toddler, etc.  Always ask ourselves, is this worth time away from my kid?
  6. Focus on your marriage.  This is the most important relationship in life, my partner, and I need to feed it to allow it to grow.
  7. Affiliate programs.  We have currently been thinking about ways to reward our most loyal MomMes who constantly refer new members to us.  Signing up for Eventbrite Affiliates (which we use for online ticketing) is easy and rewards our MomMes.  Empower our super MomMes into our partners.  Also she said to not comp tickets, but use the Affiliates program to provide incentives instead.
  8. Only advertise for real money.  Otherwise you clutter your message.  We have not yet taken on advertisement on our site though we do some banner ads in newsletters and some sponsored posts. 
  9. Ask ourselves why we are doing what we are doing.  What makes us profits?  Focus and build on this and push the other stuff to the side.
  10. It is OKAY not to respond to every email we get.
  11. Brand ourselves.  We are the newest writers for Modern Mom once we get our profile pictures done, and we need to figure out what our byline should be for these posts.  However, we should have a byline for every guest post that brands ourselves, letting your readers/audience know your background.  This gives you authority.  Jessica liked that I am a reformed attorney who hung up my bar license and walked away.  Lane is a high-achieving former executive.  We have both embraced life as a mommy with open arms and want to help you transition into this world without the bumps and bruises that are so common!  Now she says this byline needs to be succinct, any help in shortening this paragraph?  The word succinct is clearly not part of my vocabulary!
  12. Post content before an event.  As we approach an event, we need to post content relating to the event.  We have aimed to do this in the past but it often falls by the way-side.  This needs to be a priority as a different way of drawing MomMes in.
  13. Balance.  Jessica has no real solution here.  Balance is tough, and it is for everyone.  At the end of the day, family is most important.
  14. Calendar on our site.  We need a calendar app on our page by google so people can download their event calendar into their phone.

My blog consultation session was fun, informative and extremely enlightening to me.  Some of the things that she said really stuck with me for a few days and made me reasses my daily routine and schedule.  I would highly recommend checking out today for learning about whatever it is you want to get better at, improve upon or learn for the first time.

Every day I intend to do something fun with my little man, and then spend time working when he naps and when he gets picked up my his grandpa or his aunt.  However, many days we don't end up leaving the house as I end up on call after call, and always have one more thing to do.  My husband often says hanging out with me for him involves me somewhat listening to what he is saying what typing on my phone. 

I need to get better at being present and not constantly feeling the need to work.  To do one more thing.  Because then I am missing out on that one thing that is right in front of me...

Reader Comments (4)

Thankyou for the reminders. I really like the question, 'is it worth time away from my kid.' Very helpful info.

June 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMia Johnstone

Great advice, well-targeted to ClubMomMe, which is such a fabulous resource!

June 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterChristina Simon

Awesome tips and advice!

June 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHanan

Thank you for taking the anxiety and confusion out of 'SEO' - these are immediate tips and tricks that we can implement to beef up blog viewership. Keep 'em coming, Rachel!

June 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMatt Steiner

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