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London 2012: Summer Olympics With Kids 

As many of you are, we are watching the Olympics and cheering from our couch for all of the athletes on Team USA! We feel connected to these athletes. There's a patriotic obligation to track their progress, stay abreast of the overall metal count (the USA is currently tied for 1st place with China) and stay up late to view previously taped events (thank you, NBC). Every four years we make new Olympic memories.

Our friend Katie at Practical Parenting shares her childhood memories of watching the summer Olympics and how she is making new ones with her children.

We enjoyed tennis, sailing, swimming until all hours, crabbing, climbing rocks, and, of course, sand castles galore.  The possibilities were endless.

We rode our bikes everywhere.  Apart from a grocery store trip here and there, we practically never got into the car.  We were surrounded by friends and given the freedom to go our own way in a little borough so safe that a parent was always nearby.

We were sun drenched and exhausted each night, having spent the day on the move.  So much so that TV was never necessary.  It wasn’t that restrictions were in place; it was simply that we didn’t crave it.  We were tired, content, and ready for sleep.

There was no battle to decrease screen time.  Sure, we watched the occasional show but, for the most part, we enjoyed the quiet.

Except during the summer Olympics.  During those summers, my mom would tune in a bit and show us various competitions.  We cheered for our athletes and watched in awe as those incredible men and women pushed themselves to new heights.

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