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Little Foodies: Part One 

Almost all parents want to give their kids the healthiest possible start to life.  While each parent’s opinion of what is truly “healthy” varies, I have never met a mom or dad that said, sure, please feed my kid junk and put toxic chemicals on their skin.  And if you ever do come across that parent, feel free to break our normal rule against proselytizing.

Creating healthy eating habits from the start is not a new concept for parents.  However, the concept of a “little foodie” is a relatively new perspective that views little ones not as kids, with immature palates, but as people with all of the capabilities of adults.  Sound crazy?  Take a look at so-called “kid’s menus” these days and you won’t just find chicken nuggets, fries and grilled cheese, but chicken cutlets coated with flax seed and mac-and-cheese with pureed butternut squash.

With a myriad of choices from homemade baby food to organic baby food pouches and even gourmet baby food delivery services, deciding which foods to feed your children can be overwhelming. That's why, here at Club MomMe we decided to host our Little Foodies Series in Los Angeles and Chicago, to make the experience easy and fun.  Our hope is that our MomMes can become educated on the importance of creating well rounded eating habits for younger children, learn surprising new recipes for older children and tips to deal with those picky eaters!

Those first few bites of food that your little one takes are amazing moments.  Your baby will literally need to learn the mechanics of eating, including opening their mouth, pushing their tongue out of the front of their mouth, chewing and swallowing.  Watching this process unfold is like watching Bambi walk for the first time. It is incredible!

There are many debates about what first foods you should start with, ranging from following the colors of the rainbow (orange, yellow then green) to the easiest to digest to the most pleasant flavors and textures.  Whatever you choose to start with, have fun with it and make it yourself.  You will feel like a proud mama bird who went out and caught that worm for your little one.

Here are a few of our favorite websites and baby food recipes, including simple guidelines to follow when introducing first foods:

Momtastic’s Wholesome Baby Food

Just Mommies Baby’s First Food Chart  

Sweet Potato and Lamb Casserole

Parsnips, Carrots and Sweet Potatoes

Baby’s Veggie Mac and Cheese

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