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MomMe's Boy: Unexpected Moments 

Last night we put H to bed at his normal bedtime, around 7:30 pm, shortly before I joined and FaveMama for a Twitter party. I took my usual party seat on our couch with snacks. Yes, I use Twitter parties as an excuse to indulge my sweet tooth. Shortly before the party ended, H started crying in his sleep.

This wasn’t crying, but sobbing. I let him be for just a few minutes to see if it would stop, but it didn’t. My husband heard him from his office and went to his room to find him sound asleep and sobbing. He picked him up to console him but the sobbing didn’t stop. This wasn’t whining and there were no tears, but H was hysterical. Was he dreaming of monsters under his bed? In the closet? Having a nightmare? This must be a night terror. There was no other explanation. After about a minute of seeing him like this I grabbed him and took him in my arms to soothe him.

I brought him back out into our family room and held him tightly on the couch while he squirmed, sobbed and moved around in his sleep for the next hour. All the while he didn’t bat an eye or wake up while I was Tweeting from my computer, responding to emails and texting about conference calls today.

Thinking about what happened last night, made me realize that too often mompreneurs miss out on these moments. We are so driven to succeed, working late into the night and often at odd hours that we miss moments like this. Holding H last night made me remember when he was an infant and how I was adamant about not holding him while he slept. Maybe I’ll be different with baby number two and try to cherish those moments a bit more instead of focusing on sleep training starting at 8 weeks. Someone please remind me of this statement when I am sleep deprived in the dead of winter and stuck inside for extended periods of time.

I hope that all of you other Mompreneurs, Moms, Das, parents and loved ones cherish the moments when the kids are small. Last night was one of those times that I will cherish. My little independent, fearless, and opinionated guy needed his Mom. And, to be honest, I think I needed him too. I don’t know when our next moment will be together, but I do know that I’ll be putting down my iPhone, lap top and not checking Facebook relentlessly this weekend. I’ll spend time with H looking forward to that next memory together.

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Awww, so sweet. I will remind you that you said it when you're half functioning from sleep deprivation. HAHA

September 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterFaith

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