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A Place for MomMes to Get Byuti-ful: Byuti Salons in LA

Byuti Salon is not your run-of-the-mill high-end salon in Los Angeles.  First, it is not located in Beverly Hills.  Why are so many good stylists based out of Beverly Hills?  I try not to frequent places in a city known for gridlock and road rage that is not bordered by a freeway.  Which means Beverly Hills is not somewhere I like to visit.

When I get my hair done, I want to go somewhere beautiful, luxurious even, where I can spend a few hours relaxing and surrounded by beautiful sites.  Because let's face it, most days I am surrounded by piles of toys, calls, books thrown onto the floor and whatever science experiment my son has decided to try that day.

Byu-ti Salon is beautiful, modern but cozy, high-end but inviting.  It is not the kind of place where you feel uncomfortable walking around in a smock without makeup on, but it does make you want to have an afternoon cocktaul and read a magazine.  And that is exactly what I did, minus the drink (I had a coffee instead!).

I was greeted at Byuti Salon right away, given a tour and shown where to change.  I had waiting to get my hair done.  Typically my hair takes around 3 hours from start to finish, so waiting 15 - 30 minutes turns this already long experience into an excruciating one for me.  No wonder it had been six months since my last haircut and color!

In all honesty, the reason my hair had grown so long and my highlights had grown out had more to do with being the mom of a baby running a business, and less to do than a fear of the salon.  But I have never ben one of those people who can get their hair done every 6 - 8 weeks.  And fortunately for me, my hair cooperates and does not give me split ends and bad re-growth.

Still, I was embarassed about the state of my hair.  I know it is time to get my hair done when it is in a ponytail or pulled back everyday for a week or two.  I was going on several weeks (months?) at this point.

As I sat down, I began to realize that Byuti Salon is a unique and innovative salon due to their process of really getting to know and understand their clients.  I was handed a survey asking me all about my hair.  What I liked about it and what I would want to change (can you please ask my strands to go back to the dirty blonde color I had as a child?), asked what supplements I take, if any, the products I use, and what I was looking for.  You mean my stylist and colorist actually cared about my hair?! 

Sura came back and proceeded to chat with me for about ten minutes, asking me lots of questions, giving me some suggestions, and finally we agreed on a plan.  My hair had gotten darker since my pregnancy, and my highlights were clearly growing out.  I needed some lighter strands since I had less time to spend in the sun, and because my body failed to produce blonde strands on its own anymore.

After putting in my highlights, I had the most luxurious shampoo and wash, complete with a head, scalp and shoulder massage.  The owner of Byuti Salon, Natasha, developed her own line of essential oils designed to add shine and strength back into my strands.  She also developed unique treatments, which I was given under a special heat lamp.  I felt like I was on the Jetsons, but I was excited to see the results!

Natasha then met with me for my cut.  My hair was feeling very heavy.  I needed a fun style that kept my length but added some shorter strands in the front for when my hair was back.  The water in LA was wreaking havoc on my hair in the year since I had moved back, and I often don't have time to spend styling my hair, so I needed something easy.  Layers but not the kind of layers that require too much work.  This is starting to sound like every mom's dream hair cut, right?

Natasha snipped away so quickly and expertly, you could tell she had been using shears for a long time.  As my hair was dried, I had a gorgeous, sexy but also mom-appropriate mane of hair.  I was me but better, and I was given hair that I could easily maintain as a very busy mom who is always doing three things (at least).

Product was never pushed on me, but I did need something to tame the two-inch bangs that were growing all over my head, and especially by my part-line, the result of losing hair post-baby.  I picked up Pureology at 20% off (Woo-hoo!), two bottles of Byuti Salon's specially formulated vitamins designed to make your hair, skin and nails strong, glistening and very healthy.

I cannot say enough great things about Byuti Salon.  They also do blow-outs, which I have become obsessed with since I rarely have enough time to give myself volume without feeling bad about ignoring my little one who really likes to play with my brushes.

Byu-ti Salon gives each client a folder with advice on a "Healthy Hair Diet", special promotions for your friends to use for $50 off their first service.  And the best part, you get a referral credit as well!  The folder has a welcome letter, information on their rewards program, and three more promotions that will get you hooked if you were not already.

As a mom, we need to take care of ourselves.  Even though we may feel guilty spending time on ourselves, it is necessary to find that ubiquitous balance and be the best mother possible.  I highly recommend spending an afternoon at Byu-ti Salon getting made over.  You will not regret it!

In fact, I liked Byu-ti Salon so much I decided we needed to have a MomMe's Night Out there for an evening of pampering. 

Meet Celebrity Stylist and founder of Byuti Salon

Natasha Sunshine-Antonioni

As Founder of Santa Monica and Brentwood’s premier hair boutique, Byuti Salon, Natasha Sunshine-Antonioni has run her fingers through some of Hollywood’s most notable manes, including that of Ivanka Trump, Molly Sims and Eva Herzigova. She has also worked as an industry leader and Brand Ambassador for L’Oreal’s exclusive hair care line Pureology.  Natasha is known with in Los Angeles and New York City fashion circles for her keen sense of style, and unique approach to hair therapy.  

Natasha began her love affair with beauty at a young age while watching her Aunt work her hair magic in her French Quarter Salon, Looks. “Aunt Liz had a special touch that made people seem lighter, happier and prettier when they left her. She was amazing to watch.” Her Aunts ability to not only make people look better but feel better from the inside out left it’s mark on Antonioni’s vision of her ideal salon.

From that vision, Byuti was born. Antonioni’s salons go much deeper than simply giving a great haircut.  From the wholesome ingredients used in their hair care line to giving excellent guest services with their six-step consultation, Byuti’s mission is to GIVE GOODNESS - creating a salon experience that supersedes every client’s expectations.