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Sugar Snap Files: The Diaper Bag Accessory You Did Not Know You NEED

The new SugarSNAP Files out this Fall in CooperAt first, I thought I could live without a high-end diaper bag.  Even though I would only carry a cute, designer purse pre-baby, I reasoned that I could continue with some semblance of a “big-girl bag” while occasionally toting around a larger bag containing diapers, wipes and a swaddle.  And hand sanitizer.  And hand/face wipes.  Toys, a bottle, snack, for me and the baby, lotion for my dry bottle-washing hands.

Who knew moms have to carry so many things around with them besides a baby?!  It suddenly dawned on me the reason that as women age, their purses correspondingly get bigger.  It’s hard to be Mary Poppins without a bag of tricks, right?

So I finally decided, upon moving to Los Angeles with my three month-old son, that I needed a Storksak Diaper Bag.  And when I say need, this was honestly a purchase that changed my mommyhood. 

Suddenly, my keys were not displaced 15-20 times a day and my cell phone was not constantly hiding, and to be buzzing in the stroller organizer as I sat in bumper to bumper traffic with no mom to complain to, and the cars behind me wondering why I keep tapping my brakes.  Because it keeps the baby quiet, why else would I inch dangerously out into the intersection with crazy LA drivers, come on people.

As my husband finally relaxed while letting me take my child out into the world, no longer thinking that my penchant for losing my keys might turn into my penchant for losing a baby, I stumbled across Sugar Snap File Folders.  “Interesting concept,” I thought, and maybe I could use those to turn my Tory Burch tote into a diaper bag.  But I was all set, super organized in my bag with everything in its place

Until I got the SugarSNAP Files, and learned just how disorganized I really was in my diaper bag.  I had pockets and compartments for everything, but there was no differentiating one pocket from another.  I still never knew what separated one from another, and often times things were thrown in my bag, especially by my son, and lost until all of the contents were discarded from the bag. 

SugarSNAP Files solve these problems by putting a name at the top of each folder, so you know whether you are opening Dipes + Wipes, Snacks + Supplies, Shirts + Socks, Lotions + Potions and Me + Mine.  There are five total files, and they are held together by a clip to a large ring.  Don’t need all five files that day?  Simply unclip that file from the ring.  You can use anywhere from 1-5 files, and if you need to throw items into a backpack or other bag, voila, you have a portable system ready to transform any bag, tote or purse into a baby-friendly diaper carry-all. 

Better yet, you make use out of the space in the middle of the bag, that previously was only useful to hold a swaddle, least something get lost or fall out or you not be able to find your hand sanitizer after a side of the road emergency diaper blowout, when you really need to sanitize those paws.

Best yet, SugarSNAP Files are attractive, with a black and white design that perfectly matches my black Storksak Diaper bag.  They are durable, and still look brand-new after a few months of use.

I love my SugarSNAP Files, that baby accessory that you never knew you needed, but will simplify your life on the go.