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Missing: One Giraffe Named Sophie

Has anyone seen a seven-inch giraffe named Sophie? She is a soft rubber chew-friendly toy covered in spots that squeaks, but please do not call her a dog toy. Or over-priced. Sophie just happens to be the most popular baby item on Amazon, and is proudly displayed by registers in stores ranging from Pottery Barn Kids to Right Start and Nordstrom. She is French and imported, oh la-la!

Sophie was last seen in a vice gripe between my son’s fingers, mouth and jaw, covered in saliva. She is so important that my mom decided to buy a toy leash for my son’s stroller just to make sure she does not get thrown overboard one day. Wait just one minute…is it possible that she could have made the jump, intentionally?

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Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case for iPhone/iPod

My son is now six months old, which is a magical time for babies. They can now see the world much as adults do, clear and in focus. This transition brings a new discovery every day (okay, really every time he wakes up from a nap!) and they are fascinated by everything that you touch.

Naturally, babies are the most interested in the things that you like and use the most, such as your cell phone, computer, and yes I will admit, my television remote. Why my baby loves this dirty and germ-infested thing, I have no idea. But he does!

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