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Every once in awhile, something totally normal to me will strike a chord with my little man.  And when it does, his giggles are simply infectious. 

Today, he found laughter in my necklace.  On the rare occasion that I decide to accessorize my mommy wardrobe with jewelry, it almost never involves a necklace.  But today, I was missing my pearls and decided that I could deal with one day of having them pulled incessantly.  And tugged.  While that happened, they also served to light up his afternoon.

He loved the way the pearls clanked against each other as I moved.  At first, I could not figure out what he was laughing so hard about.  So I joined in, laughing, but not sure what was causing such a fanfare.  And then I heard them, clack clack and his eyes lit up, his face was a perma grin and laughter escaped.

As a mom of an infant, my days are all about the little things.  Maybe I should start wearing jewelry more often!