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Dining Over Tears

Until tonight I never knew what it was like to be those parents in a restaurant. Five years ago, I would have sneered at the family next to me with a screaming baby, just as the college kids next to us did. Now, I empathize, sympathize and even try to console those moms who are going through the same thing as we went through tonight. We were loud, undoubtedly annoying to our waitress, and left a trail of cheerios, cheddar cheese, peas, bread and teething biscuits from the door to the table. We required booster seats, extra bread to keep the kids occupied, napkins and everything non-essential to consuming our meal to be taken away from the table. To an infant, sharp shiny objects are food. To a parent, they're lethal weapons being tossed at your head, on the ground or at the snooty college kids at the table next to us.

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Every once in awhile, something totally normal to me will strike a chord with my little man.  And when it does, his giggles are simply infectious. 

Today, he found laughter in my necklace.  On the rare occasion that I decide to accessorize my mommy wardrobe with jewelry, it almost never involves a necklace.  But today, I was missing my pearls and decided that I could deal with one day of having them pulled incessantly.  And tugged.  While that happened, they also served to light up his afternoon.

He loved the way the pearls clanked against each other as I moved.  At first, I could not figure out what he was laughing so hard about.  So I joined in, laughing, but not sure what was causing such a fanfare.  And then I heard them, clack clack and his eyes lit up, his face was a perma grin and laughter escaped.

As a mom of an infant, my days are all about the little things.  Maybe I should start wearing jewelry more often!


Why MomMe Loves Eco STORE USA Products for Baby

The vast majority of people purchase products for their home and body based on effectiveness, scent, and price. While you may encounter people reading the labels on food boxes at the store, it is rare to see someone studiously reading which ingredients are included in their body wash, moisturizer, soap and bubble bath.

That is, until they are expecting a baby. Along with the gift of a child comes a tremendous burden to specially care for this bundle of joy with only the best of products, because they are after all babies.

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MomMe Advice: Baby Shower Wisdom

Each guest at my baby shower filled out a card with advice for me a new MomMe. Some are practical, others are funny, and some are encouraging. I stumbled across these last weekend while putting together H-Man's baby book and wanted to reflect on them now.

Take time to put together a great and detailed baby book. Your little guy will love to look on this in thirty years to see all of the details of his first year. I finally ordered H-Man's baby book at 7 months and was thrilled when it arrived. Looking back, I should have taken this advice and purchased it before he was born because I feel like a horrible MomMe who can't remember every single moment about her newborn. When was his first bottle? I have no idea! I do remember the five solid hours of screaming before I decided to supplement with formula, setting the alarm clock to wake up and pump, logging every ounce he ate, each poop, pee and nap, but not the exact date I gave him his first bottle. Sometime in the future I will have to confess to my child that I fudged his baby book. Lesson learned for when baby number two comes along!

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Diane von Furstenberg for GapKids: Can She Help Gap Bounce Back?

We all know the state of affairs at one of the most American of retail stores, the Gap. Their sales were extremely disappointing for 2011, and they are closing stores. Re-assessing their strategy. Shaking things up.

And really, what better way to shake things up than taking a page out of H&M and Target's book and having a major fashion icon design a special line? Okay, I know what you are thinking, Madonna for H&M is not a major fashion icon, though Versace and Marni are. But did you try to log on to Target's website the day Missoni went live?

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