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Beef Casserole For Baby 

H-Man loved the beef casserole I made yesterday during my baby food making frenzy. Here's the recipe! Be sure to let us know if you try it and your little one loves it.

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Baby Food Frenzy 

It is a scary sight in my freezer when I only have 2 cubes of homemade baby food left. I have been procrastinating restocking my freezer to watch the Superbowl, go to dinner parties, watch the Academy Awards, watch the Grammy Awards and last night to watch Revenge. It had to end after H-Man had a banana and applesauce for breakfast the second day in a row. Mommy guilt is incredibly motivating, but we’ll save that topic for another post.

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Missing: One Giraffe Named Sophie

Has anyone seen a seven-inch giraffe named Sophie? She is a soft rubber chew-friendly toy covered in spots that squeaks, but please do not call her a dog toy. Or over-priced. Sophie just happens to be the most popular baby item on Amazon, and is proudly displayed by registers in stores ranging from Pottery Barn Kids to Right Start and Nordstrom. She is French and imported, oh la-la!

Sophie was last seen in a vice gripe between my son’s fingers, mouth and jaw, covered in saliva. She is so important that my mom decided to buy a toy leash for my son’s stroller just to make sure she does not get thrown overboard one day. Wait just one minute…is it possible that she could have made the jump, intentionally?

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It's All Greek To Me: Chicken Shwarma with Tzatziki Sauce (Cucumber Yogurt Sauce) 

When people think of Mediterranean food, they often think of healthy, fresh fare. Greek food is delicious, tasty and surprisingly easy to make at home. For some reason however, I don’t think Greek food has made its way into most kitchens in the United States as other have Mediterranean cuisines like Italian food.

Perhaps the reason Greek food is not more popular with home cooks is because the spices are a little foreign and may not be very understood.

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Coffee Lovers + Moms: Safety Tip for your Cup

I don't know about you, but I am more obsessed with coffee now that I am a mom than I ever have been before. Maybe this has to do with waking up (once, twice, wait I lost count) in the middle of the night. Perhaps I want to join my little one as he drinks his bottle with my own beverage, though we have never clinked bottles like I used to do with friends in my pre-mommy days. Or maybe I just don't want to go through my day as a tired zombie mommy.

Whatever it is, I now drink coffee just about every single morning. Even though I own a Nespresso (which is ah-mazing and has a new boutique at Bloomingdale’s in Century City!) and a coffee machine, I often find myself joining the daily line-up at Starbucks in my Ugg slippers and yoga pants, surrounded by put together people in business attire, oh I remember those days…

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