timi & leslie End of Summer Sample Sale

Club MomMe loves to share the latest steals and deals with our MomMes and MomMes-to-Be, and we have a good one today.  

Starting on Thursday, timi & leslie is having an End of Summer Sample Sale.  This means you can get your hands on one of these icnonic diaper bags at less than full price...score one for you!  (Or two or three, a girl can never have enough diaper bags, right?!)

the timi & leslie pop-up shop at the Baby Registry Basics event on July 19th


New Mutsy Evo Stroller

The New Mutsy Evo can be summed up in one sentence: the coolest stroller I have ever seen.  This stroller is hot.  Sporting a sleep design with a black or grey metal frame and clean lines, this stroller is the Maserati of strollers. 

The Evo is a high-end stroller similar in looks and feel other high-end strollers that are so popular today.  However, the Evo shines where other popular strollers stop.    After using some other strollers, I have longed for a few key design tweaks.  The Evo provides an answer to many of these frustrations with its innovative and thoughtful design.

The key standouts on the Mutsy Evo Stroller:

Collapse-ability: When the Evo stroller is collapsed, the seat back actually folds down, resulting in a small, sleek rectangularly-shaped package.  At first blush, this may not seem that revolutionary.  When I had a newborn in a big city like Chicago, I rarely had to take a stroller in and out of the car.  I walked almost everywhere, and I did not mind the few times the stroller went in and out of my car.

Flash forward a few months, and I came to dread putting my stroller in the car.  It was big, bulky and I always had to fight with my car to get it in.  A stroller that folds into a neat and compact shape is a huge luxury for suburban moms or moms who are in and out of a car.  And the best part, the seat never needs to be removed, it just collapses!

Handle: The Evo features a handle to carry the stroller.  Again, this may not seem like a huge deal.  But ask any mom who is carrying a 25-pound stroller, and a handle is a very nice luxury!

No back to the basket: The basket has no back, which means that packages and large shaped objects can easily fit right in.  The basket is still huge, just more functional and easier to access even when the stroller seat is lying flat.

Design: I love a black-framed stroller.  Besides that, the color choices are impeccable and stand out.  I ordered a white stroller.  Crazy right?  But really, I have never seen a more beautiful stroller.  That’s right, I am slightly stroller obsessed.  I check them out everywhere I go, and I could not resist having a white stroller.  It features cool black trim and black and silver wheels to match. 

Choice: Want a smaller sun canopy?  Just zip up part of the canopy.  Want to use the stroller for a newborn?  Lay it flat and fold up the bottom of the seat to make a basket.  Want to face the baby forward or backwards?  The seat releases very simply by gently pressing on both sides of the seat, which I found much easier to release than other strollers.

Fold: My poor mom has had such a horrible time trying to fold my UPPAbaby Vista.  One time she had to stop down women walking down the street in the hope that they might be able to assist her, as she thought she was going to break the stroller.  The Evo folds very easily by pressing down the handlebar and pushing up on two releases.  With the Vista, you need to press two buttons in while pressing another one up and towards you body.  It is kind of like trying to pat your head while rubbing your stomach.  While hopping on one foot.  Now try to do that with a crying baby and leaking boobs.

Fabric: If you ask anyone what Mutsy does really well, they will tell you they make the nicest stroller fabric in the business.  And this was from a guy working at a baby store for over ten years.  Their fabric is plush, soft and has a beautiful sheen to it.  It is also padded and very comfortable to sit on.  Just what you want for a baby!

The Mutsy Evo is sold in Los Angeles at Traveling Tikes and buy Mutsy EVO Stroller online at Amazon.com


BabyHome: A New Ultra Modern and Ultra Stylish line of Baby Gear from Europe

Bringing baby home can be downright scary, but a new line that was just introduced to the United States can help make the transition a little easier with their simple and easy to use products.  BabyHome is a Spanish line featuring modern-looking and light-weight baby gear.

BabyHome products are designed for baby, however they are thoughtfully conceived with their parents in mind.  The hallmarks of this brand are clean, simple lines that are signatures of the modern design movement, however they are grounded in function and innovation.

While modern gear tends to sacrifice function for the sake of design, BabyHome makes no such compromise. 

Emotion Stroller

The Emotion Stroller is the highlight of the BabyHome line.  The stroller is perfect for any family looking for a light-weight umbrella stroller. 

Look: The frame is unlike any other stroller on the market, it looks like a cool woman walking on four-inch stilettos in the way it leans slightly back.  In fact, the design is so unusual the stroller has won several awards.  The colors pop in vivid shades of bright blue (my personal favorite) and the “in” stroller color, purple which is perfect for both boys and girls.

Maneuverability: The wheels of the Emotion are made of the same polyurethane that make up rollerblade wheels, so the stroller glides like it is strolling through air.  Pushing this stroller is easy; it rolls effortlessly even when the basket is overloaded.  Best yet, the stroller features a bar instead of the double stroller curved handles that are the signature on most umbrella strollers.  The bar is padded, so it is comfortable to hold and can be pushed with only one hand.

Light-weight yet Durable: Unlike the current stroller trend of making increasingly heavier strollers, the Emotion is made from an aluminum frame making it extremely light.  However, do not confuse light with breakable.  Aluminum is extremely strong and supportive without adding extra weight.

Folding and Breaking: Folding the stroller is as easy as pressing in one button and then pushing up two buttons.  The entire process takes less than five seconds, and the stroller folds into a very small and compact space.  The Emotion features an easy to press foot-break on the right side of the stroller that is extremely easy to access.

Comfortable: The stroller has a comfortable padding and an easy recline feature that allows the baby to lay down while just pulling on a tab.  To move the seat back to an elevated position, you simply pull on a strap.  The foot rest can be moved from a 45 degree angle for older children to straight with the seat for a younger or napping baby.

Weatherproof: The Emotion comes with a rain cover that not only covers the seat, but also shields the entire basket.  In addition, a mosquito net is provided.

Club MomMe enthusiastically recommends the Emotion Stroller for all families.


Modern, compact high chair featurning sleeps lines.  Perfect for a small space as it folds up.  Easy-to-clean.  Padded straps provides comfort to a wiggling baby.  Wide base makes the highchair really sturdy, though the u-shaped base takes up only a minimal amount of space.  The base features plastic coating in four locations to prevent floor scratches from the frame.  The aluminum frame makes the highchair light-weight while adding durability.

The seat cushion comes in a number of appealing colors that pop, is very plush and can be easily removed for cleaning.  The straps are padded and feature a 5-point safety harness.  The tray can easily be completely removed for cleaning or to have a baby eat at the table with the family, a nice feature that is unique among this type of highchair. 

The stroller folds up into two thin lines, and is ideal for a family with a tight eating space or for a family who wants to move the highchair often between different rooms.  The wide foot base allows the highchair to grow with your child.

Club MomMe recommends the Eat Highchair for parents looking for a light-weight, modern, durable and easily transportable highchair.


The BabyHome Dream is a totally unique baby cot.  The Dream really stands out among the baby bassinet and newborn sleep options as the design is extremely innovative. 

It is a cross between a pack and play with its high sides, is in the shape of a crib without the exposed slats to provide a more enclosed and re-assuring place for a newborn, and similar to a bassinet in that it is not very deep.  It resembles a smaller version of a crib that can be easily moved around the house or to take on a trip, and the low profile of the Dream provides easy access to a newborn baby. 

Due to the low profile nature of its sides, the Dream is not recommended for babies older than six months.  Therefore it is more of a bassinet or arm’s reach replacement than a true alternative to a pack and play

With its dual aluminum frame base, the Dream takes up little floor space and can easily be placed next to a bed, couch or dining table.  When folded, the Dream is extremely compact and is light-weight and easy to move.

If you are searching for a great, innovative and attractive option to have your newborn sleep in your room, Club MomMe highly recommends the BabyHome Dream.

To purchase BabyHome products, click here.

Club MomMe was not paid for these product reviews.  Club MomMe was given one Emotion stroller to test, and Club MomMe participates in BabyHome giveaways, product reviews, and product parties to learn and test out these products.

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