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Fresh Brothers Makes the Best Pizza Around. Period.

Growing up, we spent a lot of time with my extended family in New York.  So my vision of pizza closely matched New York Style pizza, with large slices, a slightly crunchy and thin crust, and generally delicious pizza. 

Over time, I was introduced to California-style pizza courtesy of CPK, pizza with bold and wild toppings, with less emphasis on the crust, and more on the pizzazz.

I later spent three years living in the Windy City, and Chicago is nothing if not a foodie city.  The streets are literally bursting at the seams with delicious food establishments, so much so that walking around and smelling the scents drifting from restaurants was one of my favorite past times when I first moved from Southern California. 

I was also introduced to deep-dish pizza, and by this, I don’t mean a larger crust.  I mean, Chicago-style deep dish with sauce on top, a slice as thick as three normal slices, and loaded with veggies and other goodness.  One to two slices, and you are full.  This is not so much a pizza as opposed to a “pie.”

Moving back to Los Angeles, one of the things I mourned the most was missing out on this delicious food.  California cuisine may be tasty, but it is light and not quite as flavorful and bold as food on the east coast.  On the other hand, food tends to be very fresh, healthy and much lighter. 

Enter Fresh Brothers, who changes everything in the pizza world for me.  They make pizza, so yes, it can only be so "healthy".  But their pizza is actually surprisingly light and fresh.  You can indulge in delicious pizza without feeling guilty or getting that heavy feeling in your stomach.  Or feeling guilty. 

They use the word “fresh” in their name for a reason.  Their pizza is delicious and tastes very high end.  When they include spinach on pizza, it is not wilted, watery spinach.  Rather, it is spinach that is perfectly cooked, retaining some crisp, texture and crunch.  More importantly, it retains its delicious flavor or nutritional value.

Every pizza I have ever sampled (okay, devoured) from Fresh Brothers has carried that same light, fresh and delicious quality.  The vegetables are fresh, the sauce has a delicious zest, and the cheese is tasty without being heavy, greasy or oily.

I have personally never been a big BBQ chicken pizza fan, despite its popularity due to CPK in the 1990s.  But Fresh Brother’s BBQ chicken I could eat once a week (maybe more?).  The sauce is simple by tangy, and the crust is not slathered in sauce.  The actual chicken is flavorful and perfectly cooked, not the hard, under-seasoned pieces you typically find atop pizza.

And did I mention their crust?  It is one of the highlights of the pizza, as everyone knows, the crust makes the pizza.  I say it again, the crust is so incredibly important!  They have a thin crust, and only recently did I try their thick crust that was so delicious, I ate my son’s pizza.

Okay, step back.  I was invited to attend the opening of their new Brentwood location, and part of the event included pizza making.  Pizza making!  My all-time favorite birthday party was the one where eight of my closest friends came over to my house, and we all made individual sized pieces.  There is not a kid alive who does not like pizza making, or want their own.  No sharing!  After dinner, we all danced the evening away and covered my backyard in silly string.

I digress, but only to point out that, if you want to add a fun element to any kid’s party, add a make-your-own-pizza-party component.  And what better place to partner with than Fresh Brothers?

My son's first pizza that he made himself!Back to my son, yes my 14-month old and I made a pizza.  First he poked wholes in it, using a fork and then his finger (he loves to play with textures right now).  Next he scooped out the sauce and he did his best to spread it, before we added the cheese.  He decided he really needed to add some hot pepper flakes, but fortunately the top of the container became stopped up with sauce.  No idea how that happened in a brand new store, but I am pretty sure it was not my son.  Okay it was, and I confessed.

A few minutes later, his pizza came out.  It was AMAZING!  I realized that I needed to stick with the deep dish style crust, which is doughy and packed with flavor, but again not heavy.

Fresh Brothers also offered gluten free crust.  They have a full selection of salads, again, featuring real fresh vegetables.  Not some carrots that have been sitting peeled in a gallon of water in a fridge for a week.  These are tasty and delicious. 

Lastly, they have amazing wings.  As a connoisseur of chicken wings (my secret obsession to eat during sporting events, watching sports and playing fantasy football which is now no longer secret), they are delicious, plump and have a tasty sauce.  Yes I like wings.   Well actually drummettes are my favorite, but I have never seen them actually called that.

Check out Fresh Brothers, for an easy, delicious dinner or lunch that you won’t feel guilty about.  One last tip, freeze any extra slices, they make great easy lunches or snacks for busy moms who don’t have time to sit down at noon to eat, or for your little one.


InnoBaby Makes Great Innovative Products for MomMes

I remember when I saw my first Packin’ Smart.  My son was only a few weeks old, and I was at the baby store in desperate need of a new swaddle.  Somehow, as I perused the aisles at Right Start, I wandered into the feeding section.

As I stared in awe at all of these new shapes and innovative designs, I was struck by a product by InnoBaby called the Stackin’ Smart.  What on earth was this cool but complicated design, with interlocking containers?!  I was not sure, but I was excited to find out.

Fast forward a few months, and it was finally time for me to use one of these cool products.  I seriously was trying to pawn off Plum Organics Puffs and Yogurt Melts just so I could use the InnoBaby Stackin’ Smart.  That’s how cool it is.  The system comes with five interlocking containers, to keep up to five different snacks separate and airtight.  Don’t need all five that day?  Both the top and bottom of the Stackin’ Smart can be removed to make a system that goes from 1 to 5 containers.

Next I found out about the Stackin’ Seal.  This system resembles the Stackin’ Smart, only with four containers with a waterproof seal.  Do you have a little one who drinks formula?  You can fill one container with pre-measured water for a bottle and the rest with snacks.  And the best part, this system does not leak.  I have one Stackin’ Seal that was “hidden” by my son for the past two weeks, and when it was finally found, the container with water did not leak even one drop.

As my son’s food palate has advanced, so has my love affair with Innobaby.  My latest obsession is the  Packin’ Smart Lock and Lock Bento.  This is a portable snack system that is perfect for taking fruit, vegetables, bay/toddler size portions of chicken, turkey, etc on the go.  Since it is a Bento system, one container has a separation, perfect for smaller food portions, and the other one is good for finger foods like sandwiches, my son’s favorite veggie chips and more.  The Packin’ Smart Bento makes eating fun on the go!  Both containers lock together to keep them easy to find, leak-proof and keep your bag organized.

Another fun InnoBaby product is their Din Din Smart Divided Platter.  As toddlers get older, they start to really eat with their eyes.  And they crave variety.  This adorable plate is fun to look at, provides space for five different types of food that your little one will promptly start mixing together, and makes eating fun.

Finally, the Sippin’ Smart is a great sippy cup, with a soft straw, which is they only type that my son will drink from.  Believe me, I have tried virtually every sippy cup on the market, and if your little one does not like the traditional spout, the straw ones are great.  They are soft and flexible on delicate gums.  I drink a smoothie every morning, and my son loves to drink through a straw, as he loves to emulate his mommy.  This is a great sippy cup that is easy for little fingers to hold, easy to clean and does not leak.

*Club MomMe was provided products by InnoBaby to review for our site.  However, we do not review all products that are sent to us, only the ones that we genuinely like and recommend to our MomMes.  Links in this article go to Amazon to purchase InnoBaby products and some pictures may be from Amazon as well.