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InnoBaby Makes Great Innovative Products for MomMes

I remember when I saw my first Packin’ Smart.  My son was only a few weeks old, and I was at the baby store in desperate need of a new swaddle.  Somehow, as I perused the aisles at Right Start, I wandered into the feeding section.

As I stared in awe at all of these new shapes and innovative designs, I was struck by a product by InnoBaby called the Stackin’ Smart.  What on earth was this cool but complicated design, with interlocking containers?!  I was not sure, but I was excited to find out.

Fast forward a few months, and it was finally time for me to use one of these cool products.  I seriously was trying to pawn off Plum Organics Puffs and Yogurt Melts just so I could use the InnoBaby Stackin’ Smart.  That’s how cool it is.  The system comes with five interlocking containers, to keep up to five different snacks separate and airtight.  Don’t need all five that day?  Both the top and bottom of the Stackin’ Smart can be removed to make a system that goes from 1 to 5 containers.

Next I found out about the Stackin’ Seal.  This system resembles the Stackin’ Smart, only with four containers with a waterproof seal.  Do you have a little one who drinks formula?  You can fill one container with pre-measured water for a bottle and the rest with snacks.  And the best part, this system does not leak.  I have one Stackin’ Seal that was “hidden” by my son for the past two weeks, and when it was finally found, the container with water did not leak even one drop.

As my son’s food palate has advanced, so has my love affair with Innobaby.  My latest obsession is the  Packin’ Smart Lock and Lock Bento.  This is a portable snack system that is perfect for taking fruit, vegetables, bay/toddler size portions of chicken, turkey, etc on the go.  Since it is a Bento system, one container has a separation, perfect for smaller food portions, and the other one is good for finger foods like sandwiches, my son’s favorite veggie chips and more.  The Packin’ Smart Bento makes eating fun on the go!  Both containers lock together to keep them easy to find, leak-proof and keep your bag organized.

Another fun InnoBaby product is their Din Din Smart Divided Platter.  As toddlers get older, they start to really eat with their eyes.  And they crave variety.  This adorable plate is fun to look at, provides space for five different types of food that your little one will promptly start mixing together, and makes eating fun.

Finally, the Sippin’ Smart is a great sippy cup, with a soft straw, which is they only type that my son will drink from.  Believe me, I have tried virtually every sippy cup on the market, and if your little one does not like the traditional spout, the straw ones are great.  They are soft and flexible on delicate gums.  I drink a smoothie every morning, and my son loves to drink through a straw, as he loves to emulate his mommy.  This is a great sippy cup that is easy for little fingers to hold, easy to clean and does not leak.

*Club MomMe was provided products by InnoBaby to review for our site.  However, we do not review all products that are sent to us, only the ones that we genuinely like and recommend to our MomMes.  Links in this article go to Amazon to purchase InnoBaby products and some pictures may be from Amazon as well.