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Li'L Helper Giveaway 

I’m not a super MomMe. I wish I was, but I only have two hands. The same goes for Dad. With two under two, life is chaotic. There’s lots of love going around in our house, but just not that many hands!

I was introduced to the Lil helper. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a product designed to help MomMes and Dads have an extra set of hands.  Designed to help during feeding time, it ergonomically holds a bottle in place so that it’s easy for a child to learn to take a bottle independently and maintain the same angle as if MomMe or Dad was doing the feeding.

The newest addition to our family gave this a test run and gives it two baby thumbs up.  While I’m still nursing baby Libby there is the occasional time she needs to take a bottle when I’m not home and both kids are with Dad. 

During these times, the Lil helper truly has been a BIG HELP to Dad! He was able to let Libby feed herself (of course supervised) during big brother’s bath time.  I think this might have been the first time Dad was able to multi task with both kids!

Dad was thrilled that Libby took her entire bottle and didn’t have to fuss and whine while he bathed big brother and MomMe was super excited that both kids stayed on schedule and had a great night’s sleep. Well, as much sleep as a two month old can get.

The Lil helper is absolutely a must-have product for families of multiples or with children very close in age. Not only does this product enable parents to multi task and tend to multiple children at once, but it also entertains the little ones during and after feeding time because it’s a rattle too! It’s adorable, right?  

We’re teaming up with Li’l Helper for a GIVEAWAY! If you don’t win, the Lil helper retails for just $17.99 and provides more value than it’s cost! You can purchase the Ll’l helper on it’s website www.li-lhelper.com


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