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12 Weeks of Holidays: Week 11 - Nursing MomMe with Baby Gizmo

And we are back with Week 11 of our 12 Weeks of Holidays after a brief hiatus to celebrate the special days with our families.  Oh and move across the country.  Yes Lane’s family officially moved from Chicago to Houston, and they are now official Lone Star State residents. 

So we are kicking off week 11 on New Year’s Eve and this week we are celebrating Nursing MomMes.  To all of the Expectant MomMes and Daddys, new MomMes who are spending countless hours each day breastfeeding and pumping for their precious bundle of joys, we have a package just for YOU!

  • BRAND NEW Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Pump 
  • Simple Wishes Hands Free Bra
  • Simple Wishes Honeysuckle Breastmilk Storage Bags
  • Boppy Travel Pillow
  • Boppy Nursing Cover
  • Milkin Cookies Gift Certificate for one-month supply
  • DoriDori Baby Playmat and Changing Pad in the fabric of your choice

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