Crochet Cuties

When I first heard about crocheting, I immediately associated it with an old woman in a rocking chair. This is not so. Young and fashionable MomMes are joining this trend and opening shops on Etsy. Lacey McClure is a recent college and nursing school graduate (and MomMe to be) who was looking for a hobby to entertain her outside of work. She always liked crafts and already knew how to sew. She thought that sewing was limited, but opened up to crocheting after seeing inspiring photos of classic but fashionable designs.

Lacey began crocheting baby gifts for friends and family (I can attest that her baby sweaters and cardigans are amazing. If there isn't one currently listed in her Etsy shop, you should contact her for a custom order). Through word of mouth she was receiving order requests from Baton Rouge and New Orleans. In January of 2011 Lacey decided to open her Etsy shop and has been busy crocheting since then. Club MomMe appreciates handmade and thoughtful items. And, let's not kid ourselves, we love Etsy! This is why we decided to feature Lacey on Club MomMe this week.

Her handmade crochet items are perfect for newborn pictures and special occasions. Be sure to check out Lacey's Etsy shop and participate in the giveaway below! Club MomMe will validate adn check all tweets, Facebook likes and blog post comments. If the winner does not comply with this we will choose another winner at random.

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