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Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide

1. Kushies Zolo Linko Toy - a Club MomMe favorite because you can make as long or small of a link as you want, and all of them can clip onto a car seat, stroller or high chair.  Especially when on the go, you will appreciate having a toy that can’t be throw on the floor!

2. Manhattan Toy Winkle - Yes we also listed this toy on our 0 - 6 month guide.  But this is a such a great toy and also very compact, so we decided to list it twice.  Little fingers can easily grasp the various loops, the bright colors stimulate curosity and the toy has rattles!

3. Wubbanub - If you are buying a present for a newborn or little one who loves their binkie, this Mary Meyer Cow Wubbanub is aodrable as is the Caterpillar.  The Wubbanub makes it easy for a little one to find a pacifier and put it in their mouth and also serves as a lovie or stuffed animal friend.  Two presets for the price of one!

4. Wiggly Giggler - This rattle is super fun to play with and is very inexpensive.  A perfect stocking stuffer!

5. My First Purse by International Playthings - What little girl does not want a purse complete with her own wallet, cell phone, keys and lipstick? 

6. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case - A great way to protect your iPhone or iPod while enteraining your little one with free, yes free apps from Fisher Price that are fun and educational.  This case is also a fun rattle that is easy to hold.

7. Finger Crayons by Alex Farm - Kids love cranyons, and these go on their fingers for smaller and chubbier ones.  They are also thicker and easier to grip.

8. My First Dolly by Gund -We always get asked when a little girl (or boy) should get their first doll.  The answer is up to you, but starting off with an easy-to-hold inexpensive doll without small parts like the My First Dolly by Gund is a great present!

9. Stack and Swivel Clown by Hape - Stackable and rockable fun!  Also teaches colors and sorting.

10. Educational Insights Hot Dots Pen Jr. - This pen speaks, lights up and interacts with a child depending upon ther movement.  Fun and educational!

11. Angel Dear Lovie - Perfect for tots from birth through toddlerhood.  These blankies are soft, adorable and provide security for a little one.  They also double as a small blanket in a clutch.

12. 3 Funky Brushes by Alex - A great gift as they can be used with water for a no or low-mess clean-up.

13. Kid-o Go Car - A basic car that is easy for little finger sot grasp, easy to clean and easy to travel with.  This car comes in both boy and girl-friendly colors!

14. Chicco Butterfly Spinner - A toy that is interactive, makes noise and fun.  Always a hit at our Kidville class, bring one home for giggles and fun!

15. JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket - A little big for a traditional stocking stuffer but this is one of the best presents you can give any child, expectant mom or family.  This blanket is water resistant (read - you can spill whatever you want on it and it just rolls off).  Crumbs brush right off and it has a strap to carry or put over the handle of a stroller.  Great for picnics, the beach, hanging by the pool, covering any dirty surface for a little baby and even to use in your house as a playmat. 

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