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MomME Gift Guide

All MomMEs

1. Weelicious by Catherine McCord - the cookbook from first bite through family meals that will have you and your kids eating better and healthier. 

2. An EcoSTORE USA gift basket of eco-friendly, non-toxic and delicious smelling (but not overpowering) products

3. ErinCondren.com Life Planner - Guaranteed to keep you on-track, and as organized as any MomME can be!  These beautiful planners are something that you want to show off to everyone!

4. Some MomME Time - schedule a massage, mani-pedi, lunch with your mom friends, movie, night out or morning to sleep in while you take the kids to the park. 

5. One Get Out of MomME Jail Card - We all have days we don’t want to do the 6 am feeding, make sandwishes for lunch, prepare dinner, wash up the kids, etc.  This Get Out of MomME Jail Card is a great present from spouses to each other.  For MomME Friends, relatives, etc gift a babysitting session, for new parents offer to come over and cook, clean up, or do some errands like grocery shopping.  It will be much appreciated.

6. Blow-Out - I always get a kick out of this phrase, but when was the last time most MomMEs had the time to really blow-out their hair?  Treat her to a blow-out from Byuti Salon, DryBar or BlowLux in Los Angeles or your local blow-out salon, since they are popping up on every corner these days.

7. ButtonNYC Diaper Clutch - Because sometimes all you want is a small bag or clutch.  But as a mom, we always need supplies.  This diaper and wipes clutch turns every bag, car, stroller, etc into a diaper bag!

8. Nespresso - Moms need caffeine.  It’s just a simple fact of life.  Nespresso makes the most delicious espressos, lattes and more, and the frother is the best I have ever seen.  Buying one is an investment, but will save you time and money at the coffe shop. 

9. Vitamix Blender - The best blender.  Ever.  made.  You can use this blender to make smoothies in the morning (perfect for busy MomMEs - it is healthy, delicious and keeps you full if you add protein), soups, dough, baby purees…what can’t this machine do?  My son has been drinking smoothies from the Vitamix since he was 9 months old!

10. Lanicera Jewelry - Beautiful yet simple and unique jewelry for MomMes that is not super expensive (it’s okay if your kid acciddentally throws one earring away - you can always get another pair!)

Fashionista MomME

1. Tory Burch Lunch Box - Limited Edition Pieces by Tory Burch + Neiman Marcus at Target

2. Alice + Olivia - Luggage - Limited Edition Pieces by Alice and Olivia + Neiman Marcus at Target

3. Elsa Peretti Letter Pendant Necklane - by Tiffany’s & Co.  The stylish way to wear your child’s initial (or add more for more kids.  Also great when paired with the Elsa Peretti Heart!).

4. Hudson Super Skinny “Black Wax” Jeans - Perfect for day or night, these jeans are comfortable and make a statement!

5. MZ Wallace Bedford Kate Diaper Bag - beautiful, well-constructed and makes a statement.  Can also double as a work bag.

Eco-Friendly MomME

1. The Honest Company Subscription - Honest Diapers Bunldes and Family Essentials Bundle

2. Tom’s Shoes - Who does not like a company that gives kids a pair of shoes for every pair purchased?  Did you know in some places kids cannot go to school unless the have shoes?  Well now you do!  Love this pair in courdury with a pop of color on the sole.

3. Chewbead’s - Made from non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, these beads double as jewelry and a place for your little one to chomp onto.

4. Anything from Sprout San Francisco or Bloume Baby - These two stores are dedicated to only carrying the most eco-friendly, non-toxic products from nursery furniture, diaper bags, toys, clothes, baby, home and mommy personal care products and more!

5. Kicky Pants Pajamas - Now the same amazingly soft and eco-friendly bamboo used to make kid’s clothes and maternity tees is available in MomMe pajamas!!

For a full eco-friendly gift guide check out Women’s Voices for the Earth’s Gift Guide List.

Adventurous MomME

1. Local Museum Memberships (Children’s Museums, Zoo, Aquarium, etc)

2. JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket - This is one of the best presents you can give any child, expectant mom or family.  This blanket is water resistant (read - you can spill whatever you want on it and it just rolls off).  Crumbs brush right off and it has a strap to carry or put over the handle of a stroller.  Great for picnics, the beach, hanging by the pool, covering any dirty surface for a little baby and even to use in your house as a playmat.

3. Mittens and matching Doudoune by 7 A.M. Enfant! The sleekest mittens, the WarMMuffs by 7 AM Enfant you have ever seenA matching infant bunting suit for your little called the Duodoune by 7 AM Enfant - and you are one stylish pair on the go!

4. SugarSNAP Car-Go - Designed to make life on the go easier for moms and dads.   Stay organized and make sure you are fully stocked for all of your adventures!

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