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Daddy Gift Guide

1. DaddyScrubs - The perfect gift for dads.  Expectant dads can wear DaddyScrubs in the hospital during labor and delivery so everyone knows that hey, “I’m the Daddy.”  He will be getting high fives and smiles from everyone in site when he runs out for some ice, stops to re-fuel or takes a walk with the baby.  New dads can wear shirts, hoodies or my husband’s favorite hat.  Being the daddy is a life-chaging experience, now celebrate it by showing the world, “I’m the Daddy!”

2. Pop Chips - Popchips are the most delicious popped chip there is.  Who doesn’t smile when they see Popchips?  Sneak some of these into his stocking and you will be sure to get some holiday cheer.

3. True Religion Ricky Corduroy Pants - These comfortable pants are a nice alternative to jeans, comfortable and look great!

4. Bluetooth Speakers - the latest speakers require no cords to play music, they use bluetooth to play music and more.  This speaker has a 100 foot range and over 60 feet through walls.  Now that is music to any dadd’s ears!

5. Child Bike Seat by Britax - Just about every daddy likes to go for bike rides, and every little one likes to get out for some fresh air and new scenery.  This bike seat is super safe, easy to install and lasts from 4 months through 4 years!

6. Art of Shaving Kit - Dads spend several hours a year shaving.  Why not make their shave an enjoyable experience with the Art of Shaving?  This old-school inspired four-piece kit will give the dad on your list a close shave that will last longer and leave him smelling great.  Plus his kids will thank you for that soft skin!

7. Woven Shirts - Just because you may be dealing with some spit up does not mean you should not have some nice woven shirts in your wardrobe.  Shirts like this Descendant of Thives Woven Shirt can do from the office to an early dinner out in time to pay the babysitter and still look great and feel good.  The impecable tailoring on this shirt makes it a must buy!

8. iPad Mini - The perfect win-win gift.  He gets the must-have technology toy of the season, and your kids get a new toy to fill with apps and use on road trips.  Because let’s face it, no presents for dads is just for dads anymore, right?

9. Framed Family Picture Collage for his Office.  Dads love to be surrounded by their family, but not all of them are good at “decorating.”  Surprise him with a frame collage of pictures of your family complete with a personalized message.  It will look great when he has meetings, making him seem like a “family man,” and he will smile every singel time he looks at it!

10. Night Out with his Friends - All parents can use some time to remember what we used to be like before we had kids.  That means the inevitable night-out-with-the-boys.  You can make him a nice card to use when he likes, which means you are on dinner, bath and bed-time duty with the kids while he gets a night out.  Or you can treat a couple to a few hours of babysitting from Urbansitter and the mom can have a girl’s night, get a massage or even run errands.  Because moms love running errands at night :)


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