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Cars and Pullback Toys

Kids love cars.  Anything that moves fascinates them.  Cars are great because they are generally not too expensive, can be easily taken anywhere you go, and they are interacive.

Not to gender stereotype, but generally boys LOVE cars starting during early toddlerhood. 

Some favorite and fun cars:

First Cars: Kid O Go Car - A modern, simple car with clean lines and a large handle to move and easily grip the car, this is the perfect first car for any boy or girl as it comes in colors from red to pink.

Sassy Pop n Push Car - Soft, easy to hold and it makes noise.  This is a great first car for babies.

“Green: Cars: Green Toys Race Car - a fun car that is also green.  What more could you ask for?

Pullback Cars: Ice-Cream Vending Truck and Schoolbus with a pull back and go motion (you pull the car back and it springs forward, evoking lots of giggles and laughter).  These cars are larger and can be griped by smaller, chubby hands.

Licensed Cars: Any fan of cars will most likely be a fan of CARS the movie (if they are allowed to watch movies that is!).  These Disney/Pixar CARS 2 Deluxe Character Cars will surely elicit hours of fun, are available with every character from the movie and they are small enough to be taken almost anywhere your little one goes.

Car Carrier: The VTech Pull and Learn Car is interactive, counts and sings songs, makes noises when the cars or animals are placed on the carrier, and can be pulled.  This toy actually grows with your child!

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