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Plagiocephaly - Torticolis - Flat-Heads in Babies And What You Can Do To Prevent It EARLY ON! Introducing the Tortle 

Plagiocephaly.  Long word for something really simple.  Flat spots on a baby’s head.  Think it can’t happen to your baby?  I am not sure about you, but few babies are born with perfectly round heads.  They often have cone-heads, bumps or bruises from labor and delivery.

The interesting thing is that these head imperfections often disappear quickly.  My son, born with a corn-shaped head had a perfectly round head by the second day of his life.  Newborns have very pliable bones, because they have to.  The bones in the skull are designed to be very soft so that they can collapse into each other if needed to fit through the birth canal.

What is designed to create an easier delivery can create a serious medical problem in a matter of weeks.  Now that babies go to sleep on their backs (and ONLY their backs) to prevent SIDS, babies are developing flat spots.  These flat spots are not a sign of neglect or bad parenting, but just a soft and pliable skull. 

Some babies are more prone to develop flat spots if they have torticolis, or a neck with tight muscles on one side, usually due to positioning in the womb.  These babies prefer to place their head in one direction over the other due to the tight muscles on one side of their neck.  The result is a flat spot.

Plagiocephaly can be harmless and only a physical issue, however it can also lead to major medical problems such as delayed gross motor skills, serious facial deformity, and more.  The key is to catch the problem early. 

If you notice a flat spot on your child’s head (usually detected when you see your child from a distance, such as during tummy time from across the room or when someone is holding your child) speak to your doctor about it immediately.  The earlier the problem is caught, the earlier you can treat the issue. 

In the past treatment has meant physical therapy, which is often not covered by your insurance, or it may be a fight to get it covered or even find someone in your area with this specialty.  If the flat spot is in a certain place on the child’s head, they may need to be fitted for a helmet to fix the problem area.

So what can you do as a parent?  Tortle has a brand-new product out that looks like a beanie and goes on the child’s head.  It has a small pillow that can be moved around, and the pillow prevents the child from always laying their head in the same position and on that flat spot.  The pillow can be moved around and is very small, and should not interfere with sleep or playtime.

The Tortle is adorable, comes in cute fabrics and with bows on it, and others will hardly notice that it is not a normal baby hat.  But it is treating your child and helping the flat spot heal…amazing!!  Doesn’t every baby deserve a Tortle?


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