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Belly Bandit & Mother Tucker - A MomMe's Best Friend

The Belly Bandit and Mother Tucker are a MomMe’s best friend. 

After having a baby, every new mom wants to reduce the size of their mid-section as quickly as possible.  While we may think during pregnancy the baby will come out and our stomachs will immediately return to the pre-pregnancy shape, this is unfortunately not true.  We have all heard stories of a new mom proudly venturing out in public post-delivery only to be asked when they are due.

What’s a new mom to do?  The answer is the Belly Bandit, a product developed from practices dating back thousands of years.

Lori Caden, the founder of Belly Bandit, searched endlessly online after having a baby about how she could get her flat stomach back.  She stumbled upon the practice of belly-wrapping, or applying compression to the mid-section to encourage excess water to leave the body, skin to become tight, and the hips to move back into their pre-delivery position.

While the body’s bones and joints naturally expand during pregnancy, labor and delivery, you have a fixed period of time to encourage their contraction after having a baby.  Generally you have 6-8 weeks to encourahe this area to move back to their old position.  Nursing helps contract the uterus and encourage the hips to return to form, but on it’s own this will not do anything to move your hips and target the excess skin and water in your mid-section.

Enter the Belly Bandit.  It was specifically developed by a new mom to get your old body back!  Put it on right after your post-delivery shower.  Wear it as much as possible for 6-8 weeks after baby.  Using the Belly Bandit also encourages you to sit up straight while breast-feeding, preventing headaches and tension in your shoulders.

It comes in Orginal, Bamboo, Couture and more.  Celebs like Kourtney Kardashian liked it so much, she created her own design!

As your mid-section shrinks, you may need to size down in your Belly Bandit to ensure the right amount of pressure.

So what do you use to compress your mid-section after 6-8 weeks of using the Belly Bandit?

The Mother Tucker Compression Tank smoothes and shapes your mid-section designed with three “zones” of varying compression.

  • The center section - with the most compression - flattens your tummy, promoting a slimmer silhouette.
  • The 3” anti-roll bottom applies muffinology™ technology to help smooth your “muffin top.”
  • The upper section provides the perfect amount of support; helping to eliminate that squeezed-in feeling.

The Mother Tucker even comes in a nursing tank!

Check them out today, put them on your baby registry, and gift your expectant MomMe Friends with something for them (everyone else is buying them baby gear anyway!).  Trust us, you will not regret it!

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