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On-The-Go Gear: Shaidee

On-The-Go Gear: Shaidee
What: Keep baby shielded from the sun, heat, and watchful eyes of others (like the paparazzi) in style and safety! Shaidee protects babies from sun and heat exposure when in the sling or baby carrier with its patent-pending attachable visor design, keeping baby calm, cool and protected from sun burn and overheating. It is made from antimicrobial medical-grade foam and quick-dry bird-eye mesh fabrics, and is 3M-wicking and weather- and wind-resistant. Shaidee fits most baby carriers and slings, and comes in sleek black or white. MSRP: $39.99 at www.shaidee.com 

Celebrity Carrier: Edward Norton, Kim Kardashian, Courtney Lopez, Phaedra Parks, Jessica Simpson, and Beverly Mitchell; “I received the Shaidee!  I seriously didn’t know anything like that existed…and it’s genius! We are outside all of the time for Ty’s soccer games, so it will definitely come in handy to keep the little one out of the sun!” - Molly Mesnick 
“Im so glad someone invented @theshaidee so I can protect Dominic from the sun while in his carrier & Stroller! #shaidee” Tweet from Courtney Lopez on 10/22

Newsroom: http://shaidee.myshopify.com/pages/media


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