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Dealing with Daylight Savings Time - Sunday March 9th

It’s that time again…time to reset your clock.  While you will be gaining an extra hour of daylight, you may be losing some sleep.  That’s because as hard as it may be to reset your own internal clock, you also have to do the same for your kids.

Sound daunting?  Don’t let the extra sunlight stress you out!  We asked our MomMe Friends at Sleepy Planet for their advice about springing forward with your little one: 

Before bed, turn clocks ahead 1 hour.  If your child normally sleeps till 6:30 AM, the next morning she will likely sleep till 7:30 AM.  Her entire schedule - naps and bedtime - will then shift one hour later. This will be great news for some of you

If you’re happy about this change, great!  Go with it, adjusting naps later as well. Be sure to protect your child’s room from too much light in the early morning (use blackout shades), and use white noise so she won’t wake with the birds. Note that she may eventually adjust back to her prior bedtime and waketime over the next week or two.

If you’d rather help your child get back to her usual schedule, try the following:

1.  Put your child down at her regular bedtime, say 7:30 PM, on Saturday night.

2. Set your alarm for 6:30 AM (according to the new clock) and wake your child at this time.  To her, it will feel like it’s 5:30 AM, but don’t worry.  She’ll be tired, but she’ll adjust.

3.  If your child naps, put her down at her normal nap time according to the new clock and resume a normal schedule from there.  Don’t allow her to nap longer than usual.

4.  On Sunday night, put her down at her usual bedtime according to the new time.

Thanks to the Co-Authors of the book and DVD “The Sleepeasy Solution” Jennifer Waldburger and Jill Spivack for these helpful tips!  Excerpt from The Sleepeasy Solution: The Exhausted Parent’s Guide to Getting Your Child to Sleep — from Birth to Age 5.



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