Oh, Beaba! 

I can not put it any simpler than this. I love to cook! Cooking is my way of expressing my love for my friends and family and, naturally, I wanted to share that love with little H-Man when he arrived. Thanks to my fabulous Chicago friends I am able to do that. I make all of H-Man’s meals using the Beaba Baby Cook. This is by far the easiest baby food cooker on the market. If you have not checked it out yet, stop reading this post and do so right away!

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Baby On The Move

Baby is on the move. Now what? Oh man, that means childproofing. Just when you thought you were done buying more baby gear. Well, the good thing for you is that H-Man is on the move and we just childproofed our house last weekend. Here is Club MomMe’s list of childproofing necessities to keep your little one safe.

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Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case for iPhone/iPod

My son is now six months old, which is a magical time for babies. They can now see the world much as adults do, clear and in focus. This transition brings a new discovery every day (okay, really every time he wakes up from a nap!) and they are fascinated by everything that you touch.

Naturally, babies are the most interested in the things that you like and use the most, such as your cell phone, computer, and yes I will admit, my television remote. Why my baby loves this dirty and germ-infested thing, I have no idea. But he does!

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Modern, Sophisticated Baby Book by Ruby Love Designs

So you are in the market for a baby book. As a new mom, you will spend hours dedicated to capturing all of your little one's firsts, detailing his family tree, fondly remembering your baby shower(s) and the price of milk the day your baby is born. Okay, I chose to detail the price of a latte instead, I find that far my relevant today!

Which brings me to the realization you will probably discover as you search for a baby book. Just like documenting the price of milk for your baby is not quite in, so are the vast majority of baby books out on the market.

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