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Mamaam aacua - Making Bathtime Easier

The Maamam aacua is the most revolutionary thing to happen to towels since well, the towel. 

Why does the towel need to be re-envisioned?  Have you ever tried to bathe a newborn baby?

In the test that went viral asking if you Are Ready to Be A Parent, Step 5 compares a baby to a live octopus.  That’s about right.  Now try to bath that slippy octopus that is your newborn little bundle of joy and see how nervous/scared/anxious/freaked out you get. The scariest part is taking the baby out of the water and lifting them into a towel as thoughts run through your head about dropping or hurting this new precious being.

Maamam has a solution.  Their aacua towel makes changes to the design and structure of the towel to make the bath process much easier.

First, the towel wraps around your neck and is affixed with a velcro.  The towel hangs from your neck, so when it is time to list the baby out of the water, you don’t then need to grab the towel.  You already have it.  And you don’t need a magical third hand, because your neck is supporting one side of the towel. 

Second, the towel wraps around the baby to keep them warm and protected.

Third, the towel turns into a hooded robe for an older child, complete with arm slots and a velcro-closing.  My son loves running around in this towel after bath time.  If your little one is like mine, he loves bath time and hates when it ends.  Now he doesn’t mind because he gets to play in his aacua!

The aacua comes in five different trim colors, teal, green, yellow, pink and orange and two different fabrics, white and natural.

You can also personalize the towel by adding your child’s name or initials. 

The aacua makes a great baby shower gift or hospital present, but if you are not gifted one I would highly suggest getting one to make bathtime easier.  But if you don’t…and you find bathtime a harrowing experience, just remember you can always order your aacua online!