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Celebrating Fall Fashions with Babymel

This week is fashion week in New York City.  As a child, I always loved fashion shows.  I started doing fashion shows with my mom at a very tender age, and everytime we went shopping we lined up our bags in our room and would try on each piece for each other, our obligatory "mother-daughter fashion shows."

Becoming a mom, a lot of things become more important, and others become less so.  For me, fashion slowly became less of a focus for me when I was pregnant.  Not that I did not want to be a stylish preggers momme-to-be, because believe me, I rocked my pregnancy style.  But rather, it did not make sense for me to spend a lot of money on clothes that as my mom forecasted, I would just want to burn in the future after wearing them over and over.

Naturally, I spent all of my money allocated to shopping on my little man.  And a large amount of my internet search time as well.  But I will be honest, I was sad that I was missing out on certain trends (another black and white ensemble that I can't incorporate into my wardrobe?). 

Since babies only need so many items in their layette, I had to find something else.  And that is when I found the stylish high-end diaper bags.  The problem that many women face is that the average family spends over $11,000 in the first year of a baby's life according to our baby gear and product expert, Hollie Schultz from Baby Gizmo.  So what is a mom to do?

Believe it or not, you can actually find designer baby bags, that have the look of a "big girl bag" (my expression for non-baby bags) that don't sport baby patters, are well-made, and are affordable!!  And when I say affordable, I don't mean $500 as opposed to a $1,000 bag.  I mean, these bags are all under $150.

Plus, these great bags by Babymel, the little sister of Storksak, feature amazingly innovative ideas like a built-in bottle cooler.  Such a great idea!

The Amanda Printed Babymel Bag features a black and white design, with built-in stroller straps, the cooler pocket for a bottle or sippy cup, tons of pockets and storage.  And it is so cute!

The Amanda Quilted Babymel Bag does not even look like a diaper bag.  It resembles a stylish fall bag, with a thicker material, unlike many of the less expensive diaper bags on the market that are made with cheaper fabrics. 

Any bag you will be lugging around for a few years must be made well with a sturdy design and thick fabrics, to resist the wear and tear that comes along with the mommy lifestyle.  otherwise, you can plan on buying another diaper bag when the seams start tearing and the bag is stained after a few months.

The Camden Carryall Babymel Bag is named after a hip, trendy area in London that is fun, young and so so hip.

The Ruby Rucksak Babymel Bag is an easy bag to throw over your shoulder and somewhat resembles my Storksak Olivia bag with the zippers and feel, but again with the classic Babymel twist infusing a breath of fresh air into the bag.

The newer Ella Babymel Bag looks like an expensive business bag with its quilted look, large profile and impeccable attention to details.  But again, it is a diaper bag!

Babymel makes such cute bags, but won't break your baby budget.  They will feel great on your arm, and keep your life organized.  Babymel makes switching over from a "big girl bag" to a diaper bag that much easier!