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Baby On The Move 

Baby is on the move. Now what? Oh man, that means childproofing. Just when you thought you were done buying more baby gear. Well, the good thing for you is that H-Man is on the move and we just childproofed our house last weekend. Here is Club MomMe’s list of childproofing necessities to keep your little one safe.

Teething Rail: Why risk ruining that expensive crib you purchased? When your little one starts to pull up and chew on the crib rails you don’t need to! Prince Lionheart makes an excellent teething rail that fits most standard cribs. It’s easy to use as you just snap it over the railing of your crib and your little one can’t pull it off easily. The best part is that it’s only $13.00 on Prince Lionheart’s teething rail is such a simple solution to protect the furniture you spent hours agonizing over before purchasing.

Safety gates: These are a no brainer. I wish my MomMe had had one on our back door when I was a little explorer. Maybe I wouldn’t have opened the back door and toppled out! The market is flooded with various portable and permanent safety gates. We purchased one that is both. The Dreambaby pressure mount safety gate was the easiest to install and fits our extra wide hallway thanks to the two  free extensions with the gate. My favorite feature of the Dreambaby gate is that it comes in black or white and in two different heights. Knowing we’d be keeping these up for a few years, I purchased the extra tall gates. Keep in mind to measure the width of your doors or space you are using the gate for before ordering. Safety gate widths vary from product to product.

Cabinet Locks: Rhoost is a company that I just came across in the child safety product market. Aesthetically pleasing and affordable, these safety products are as much for MomMe as baby! They come in black or brown and Rhoost cabinet locks are fully adjustable from one to three inches. They are impossible for baby to remove, but easy enough for MomMe to pack up for a weekend trip to grandma’s house.

Door Locks: Our hallway is lined with closet doors and accordion doors. We used cabinet locks to secure our accordion doors and the Kidco doorknob lock for the closet doors. We also put one on the outside of our bathroom door. H-Man is just starting to crawl so this is a bit aggressive in the childproofing, but I figured we would get it all done now rather than in stages.

Corner Guards: I love Rhoost corner guards. No more sticky, toxic goop holding on foam pieces to the corners of my coffee tables. The Rhoost corner guars snap on to any corner to keep your little one’s noggin safe as he runs through the house. And, the best part is that they come in a variety of colors to match your furniture.  Aah, finally a corner guard that is aesthetically pleasing to our design oriented mamas out there!

Outlet Plugs: Lesson learned. Count your outlets before ordering (I had to place a second order)! The market is flooded with outlet covers. Most are very similar and all have the same objective – protect the little one from shoving his fingers in the outlet. We chose the Rhoost outlet covers for our house because they are BPA free.

TV and Furniture Straps: I saved the most important for last.  In the past month I’ve seen too many headlines about critically injured infants or toddlers because a flat screen television or bookshelf crashed on top of them. Furniture straps simply attach to the back of the item and then to the studs in the wall. Use a stud finder to center the item and then take out that power drill and attach.  I secured H-Man’s dresser, changing table and the bookshelves in our house using the KidCo anti-tip furniture straps. Our flat screen TV is secured using the KidCo anti tip TV safety strap. I can breath easier knowing that if I turn around and H-Man starts climbing the walls he might fall, but he won’t be crushed by furniture. Please secure your television and furniture. This is such a simple task that can save your child’s life.

Other Tidbits: These are other childproofing items that I have stashed away for the day we need them: Mommy’s Helper toilet lock, spout covers (if you can resist the Skip Hop Moby bath spout cover, you’re stronger than I am), Safety 1st adjustable multi purpose strap and a Safety 1st oven lock.

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