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Expectant Mom Dinner Series: Prenatal Wellness Night

Incorporating wellness into your pregnancy can be hard.  You can no longer eat the same foods, enjoy the same drinks, use the same skincare products or workout the same way you are used to.  There is so much emphasis on what you should not be doing during your pregnancy, but these adjustments do not have to be difficult.


Club MomMe presents our Expectant Mom Wellness Night on Thursday June 28th - 6:30 at Kidville Brentwood.  The evening features three wellness conversations by:

  • Berlin Wellness Group - Dr. Elliot Berlin explains that Pregnancy Does Not have to be Painful and How to Prepare Your Mind and Body for Labor and Delivery.
  • Sage Wellness - We know what NOT to eat during pregnancy, so Katie Hill discusses What to Eat During Pregnancy.
  • Sarah Haley - Who says you can only take prenatal classes while pregnant?  Keep your workout routine and classes with Sarah Haley's Pregnancy Modifications to your Existing Workout Routine.  Sarah discusses modifications for ab workouts and other fitness series to keep you working out throughout your preganncy.

Episencial will also discuss MomMe and baby skincare health.

Every attendee will receive a gift bag and a chance to win great giveaways like a jogging stroller by Joovy. 

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